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Game Reel

We can't share all our work but these are all Flatfish. Yes yes I know there's maybe a bit too much shooting. We'll do something real mature one day too.

Monster Master

Our masterpiece, check it out at



“We have a highly tehcnical and experienced team with an awesome skill set on most modern game development techniques. We constantly challenge ourselves to keep us learning the newest stuff. We do everything from stylized low-poly to scan-based 3D hero assets. We do full-stack programming that is organized and readable by anyone. We're great at keeping things clean, something we've heard can be hard to find especially in art side. Most of our artists understand shader programming, so if you have a custom workflow on how your pbr is configured in texture arrays that use perlin super details on top, Don't worry we get it. We have openings in schedules every now and then, and we're always looking for new partnerships. So give us a call or an email if you think we could fit your plans of world domination”


We do our best to make communication as fluid and painless for you. We can adapt to the messaging and communication conventions you wish to use.


If you at some point feel it's time to push the speed button, we got your back. Turku has an excellent pool of talented developers. If you notice there is some position of expertise we are missing, we are always up to finding some new talent to fit your plans.

Performance Boost

If you need a quick performance boost we also adapt to new projects within days rather than weeks.

On time

We get it done in time. You have a deadline to meet, we'll step it up and find the hours to deliver.


of Expertise

Our experienced team has done a lot of different things in the field of game development. From early AR/VR to Kinect applications and more traditional and serious games. We know a little bit of everything. Currently focused on doing top of the line products with a small manageable team in-house and any kind of fun game projects as an outsource partner

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We do everything from high-end photo-realistic 3D real-time renders to stylized low-poly assets. We have launched games on mobile through the years so we know a bunch of optimization tricks that will save on nicely on performance in a high-end title.


We have the means to write you up a nice php/js back-end if needed. We've got the contacts and the know-how to make that happen


We do high quality environment scanning from larger structures to macro prop scans. We capture high resolution roughness diffuse and polarized albedo data, indoors and outdoors. We will produce multi-lod level assets fit for the engine you choose to use. If you have a CG-like shader you want these to work with and no time to introduce new people to the system, it's all good. We'll get the hang of it. If there's a line or two of comments in your shader it's as good as a tutorial for us.

AI, Machine and deep learning

Through the years we have done a lot of different type of AI. Controlled by behaviour trees, objects that give instructions or simple AI directors. Complicated things can break performance and simpletons that end in the wrong place break immersion. So usually the AI has been more smoke and mirrors than anything to do with intellect. Currently we are pretty excited on the opportunities things like Tensorflow is bringing in the table. This is the part of development we have so much love for right now. There is still much to learn but we're currently doing something pretty cool with characters.


To this point we have a lot of different type of UX experience in the house from AR/VR side to just creating that monetizing mobile game UI. And we do analyze and design games, so we know of some of the more subtle eye-drawing tricks too. We see UX design as communication between the designer and the player and it is something many of us enjoy to doing. We are best in the designed functionality and animation side of these things, but we can draw some pretty boxes and particles to complement those too.

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Somewhere over the sunsets, rainbows, milestones and alarm clocks. There is a group of merry folk, who turn coffee and odd dreams into bits and pixels. These are our in-house pet projects.

In development

Let it Bleed

A hack and slash bullet hell game, with an unique mixture of Metroidvania and old style GTA, complemented with cyberpunky 3D pixel art

Early Development

Misty Peaks

A nostalgia trip to a Stephen King style uncanny mountain village. Beware of the mist.

Closed Alpha

Bruce Cannon

Detective Bruce Cannon levels the city to rubble, rather than let a petty purse-snatcher get away. A Fully destructible environment, The Goon style cartoon pulp world triggered with mystery, cases to solve and monsters to slay.

Windows phone


A precision platformer with light physics puzzle elements and a nice rope mechanic