The big bang

Hey there,


Suddenly a sort of a big bang type of event happened in our game world. The playable area finally got a definite size. We knit together a few areas and though about some of the infrastructure in the city. So now the area is about 30 square kilometers in size. 


Yup, it seems impossibly large but we've still got a few aces up our collective sleeves. I've been hard at work fixing bugs and defining a harbor area in the game. Mr. Louis Cannon (WIP name) now can wreak havoc where other people go get tanned or for a nice little stroll on the beach.



(This is the default game view while I'm editing. I've sort of gotten to like this)


A whole lot of pedestrians are available now too. You might even see a cow or two (possibly dancing gangnam style) , so theres that to look forward to =)



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