Dynamic car destruction



This week among other things we've played around with dynamic car destruction. Harri, our artist really wanted the cars to show some actual damage so I set off to work coding a simple little script that would turn his idea into reality.



This is the end result so far. The scene is a work in progress but the main thing here was the destruction. The idea is pretty simple to realize in Unity3d.


For this recipe you'll need:

* 1 Car

* 1 artist to skin and rig that car in a way that it has a "spine" along its middle and several bones going from the "spine" to the edges (around 12 will suffice)

* 1 coder to write a few lines of code to apply the impact direction of the collision to the cars bones and move them backward depending on how much you you want the car to deform.

Of course this few lines turned into a few hundred with all the specifics of our game and car setup but, for a couple hours work. It's pretty nice I'd say!

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